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ABOUT US:  Meet AnnaBee!

Our unique "boutique dog hotel & daycare" limits admittance to an exclusive number of dogs, where your dog will receive unparalleled individualized care and make doggie friends in a safe FUN environment.


Our daycare features an indoor play area, a stylish nap room and a fun outdoor play area with a big bone-shaped pool and doggie-sized chaise lounge chairs. Not only do we strictly follow the ASPCA.org staffing and playgroup guidelines on operating a safe doggie daycare, we exceed them, and provide more oversight than they recommend for safe doggie playgroups.

The ASPCA recommends a staff to dog ratio of 1 to 15 dogs.  Our playgroups are typically structured with 6 to 10 dogs.  Depending on play styles and energy levels, we may have 2 playgroups (one indoor & one outdoor) in session on particular days. 

Not only will your dog make nice doggie friends, he or she will also learn new ways to become a very polite dog. We have experienced staff members and all daycare attendants interact with our dogs in a positive way using treat/toy-based training. Throughout the day, we work on recall with your dog by calling his or her name and teach/reinforce dogs to wait patiently to enter and exit rooms.

Families with more than one dog enrolled also receive a 20% discount on the second family member.


Hours for our daycare and hotel - Weekdays from 7am to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12noon to 5pm.
On Sunday, we do not hold daycare playgroups. Sunday hours are for HOTEL drop-offs and pick-ups ONLY, which MUST be scheduled in advance.

Weekday Reservations - In order to provide the best service possible, we request daycare reservations during the week 24-hours in advance. We are usually able to accommodate same-day reservations; however, please note that we might not be able to accommodate "drop-ins" (no advance notice/reservation) or accommodate last-minute daycare/hotel requests during holiday or other busy periods.

Saturday Daycare/Weekend Hotel Drop-offs & Pick-ups
- RESERVATION ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. You must schedule in advance, a specific drop-off time and a specific pick-up time. This is so that we have sufficient staff on hand to play with your dog.

Major Bank Holidays
- Our daycare is closed & we are also closed for hotel pick-up and drop-offs. On major holidays, our hotel is staffed to care for our hotel guests only. Thank you in advance for understanding! 

JULY 4th 2016 - Starting this year, our daycare and hotel will be closed during the week of July 4th due to excessive amount of illegal fireworks lit in the parking lot and on the beach. We will be closed Friday, July 1 through Tuesday July 5th. These dates are subject to change, and our daycare clients will be the first to know of any additional changes.

Texting Etiquette - The parents of our regular daycare clients and all overnight hotel guests are given the owner's cell phone number to text to make reservations and check on their pet while they are away. PLEASE be considerate and DO NOT TEXT all hours of the day and night. We don't think any other daycare center in the Bay Area extends this courtesy.  If it is outside of our normal business hours, please be considerate - an hour before we open or close is usually ok. But texting at 7am on a Sunday is just not cool. Also, because you have our cell phone, this does not mean you can call or text outside of business hours to pick up your pet!! 


Monthly Daycare Plans
Monday - Friday - All Day (up to 12 hours) $575.00
Monthly plans are non-refundable and expire every 30 days.

Pre-Paid Visits

10 All Day Visits - $375.00 ($37.50 each visit)
20 All Day Visits - $650.00 ($32.50 each visit)
Packages are non-refundable and do not expire.


All Day - $40.00
Half-Day (6 hours) - $25.00
Hourly - $8 per hour

Families with more than one dog enrolled also receive a 20% discount on the second family member.


Our hotel guests receive 24-hour care and sleep in a stylish setting, complete with luxurious furnishings to accommodate all sized dogs. We are unique in that our hotel is like a home setting - we are more like a "bed and breakfast" vs a "hotel" with booked rooms/spaces  or a "kennel" for dogs with indoor/outdoor style runs. Your dog is free to sleep wherever he or she is most comfortable. Upstairs in the caregivers' bedroom on a dog bed or crate (you may bring yours if your dog is most comfortable sleeping that way) or downstairs on our sofas. Because of our unique "home" environment, we require all dogs staying overnight to be friendly with all dogs. We also require documentation of current vaccinations (Rabies, Bordatella and DHPP).  All dogs over 10 months of age must be fixed.  Puppies must be 4 months of age and/or have received their entire round of "puppy shots."  We prefer that overnight guests spend a few days with us in daycare prior to your trip so that they are familiar with our staff, our doggie BnB, and the fun dogs that attend daycare on a regular basis.  To schedule a stay, please contact us at clubannabees@gmail.com or call 650-735-5566 to schedule an enrollment visit.  Please note that tours of our entire facility is a bit challenging during business hours. We are a smaller facility compared to the larger warehouse style doggie daycares that build hallways for walk-throughs. However, from the sidewalk, you can view our entire main indoor playroom as we have floor-to-ceiling windows, and you may view our spa through the spa window.  We also encourage you to visit our Facebook pages, we upload many pictures which show our fenced-in outdoor area.  We love these albums, as they show our dogs PLAYING and having FUN.  Please compare these photos with those of some posted by the larger warehouse daycare centers (the same face shot after face shot). Ours our action shots, due to an action packed day!

TWO WEEK WAITING PERIOD - A two-week waiting period is required of all dogs that have visited or stayed at kennels or large warehouse-style doggie daycares whether it be for training, daycare, boarding or grooming.  Along these lines, any adopted dog from a shelter or purchased dog from a breeder/store, must also comply with our two-week waiting period requirement.

What sets us apart from every place else! - We are proud to offer a stress-free serene environment at our beach-side location! After playgroups are over for the day, typically around 6 to 7PM, dogs staying overnight usually settle in for a nap or cuddle on the couch with their caregiver for the night and watching TV or movies. In the evening, your dog will given multiple potty breaks outside in our fenced-in backyard.  We also text updates and pictures of your pup while you are away, free of charge (our competitors charge $3-$5 per picture... that's crazy!). We are also proud to pamper your pups staying the weekend with IN-N-OUT burger night! If you have arranged off-site privileges for your dog, he or she will go along for a car ride through the drive-thru, if not, a non-salted beef patty will be rushed back to our doggie hotel for him or her! This is our most popular perk, per the puppies!!! Oh, and yes. This is complimentary too!

Our overnight hotel rate is $62/per night. Check-out is noon the next day.
Our overnight hotel rate includes all-day doggie daycare.
Check-outs after noon are assessed an additional daycare charge for the afternoon.
Holidays, +$20.00/night.

Dogs enrolled in daycare receive 10% of hotel stays. Your dog is considered "enrolled" in daycare if a monthly pass is purchased and/or attends regularly with a 10-pack or 20-pack purchase. We do not allow discounted daycare purchases of the 10-pack or 20-pack if your intent is to receive the 10% discount on hotel stays only. Your dog must regularly attend daycare to receive the 10% off.

Early Check-in/Check-out
Before 7am on Weekdays - $35.00
Before 10am on Saturdays - $35.00
Before 12noon on Sundays - $35.00

Late Check-in/Check-out
After 7pm on Weekdays - $35.00
After 6pm on Saturday - $35.00
After 5pm on Sunday - $35.00
Check out after 9pm on any night is considered an additional nights stay - $62

Families with more than one dog enrolled also receive a 20% discount on the second family member.


We are not able to schedule special need dogs (extremely shy, anxious, aggressive, destructive and/or escape artists) in daycare. Depending on our schedule, from time-to-time, we may accept special needs dogs or playgroup challenged dogs for overnight care. In the past, these have been dog-selective dogs that are too cranky for playgroups or extremely shy dogs. These dogs stay in a bedroom away from our other guests and have people-only playtime and/or walks multiple times per day.  We are are bully-breed saavy pet care givers, and are proud that we've had many successful special need overnight stays for this particular breed over the years.  Due to the extra staff time to care for these guests, our overnight charge for special needs dogs is $69 per night.

For holiday weekends, we have a 2-week cancellation policy with pre-payment for the entire stay required at the time of reservation. Should you need to cancel, we will refund your credit card provided the cancellation was made according to our cancellation policy. On the actual "holiday," we have a caregiver on-site caring for our guests; however, we are typically closed for daycare playgroups and hotel pick-ups and drop-offs. Should you need to pick-up or drop-off on a holiday, this must be arranged in advance and is not guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding! Pick-ups and drop-offs on holidays will be charged an after-hours fee of $35.00.  We will not arrange for pick-ups or drop-offs on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Years Day.

Our seaside outdoor garden provides a safe place for our guests to catch some sunshine, breathe refreshing coastal air and play with their doggie friends.

FOLLOW our doggie guest tweets at http://twitter.com/clubannabees and read their updates on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/clubannabees   We also upload photoshoots of our daycare guests and candid shots of daily play at http://www.flickr.com/photos/clubannabees