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ABOUT US:  Meet AnnaBee!

A Hurricane Katrina survivor turned Manhattanite turned Pacifica beach bum.  Annabelle aka Annabanana aka AnnaBee was a Louisiana street dog that made it out alive - twice (the storm and then the shelter system).  After Katrina hit, she spent three months in a New Mexico shelter.  Like many of the already over-stressed over-populated shelters, when disaster strikes, they're not able to adequately accomodate out-of-town visitors.  After getting word she was to be put down, Annabelle's rescuer, a wonderful woman named Adrienne, drove all the way from San Francisco to New Mexico to pull her and her Louisiana mates out of the shelter. 

AnnaBee arrived in California skin and bones, but ready to take on life.  And boy, did she ever!  We nicknamed her "The Hurricane" because she had a way of barging into a room and turning it upside down.  She lived like there was no tomorrow.  

And I'm glad she did.  AnnaBee passed away at age four due to brain cancer on December 28, 2008, and joined her Dalmatian sister, 102, in doggie heaven.  We don't know why she was taken from us so early.  I think she knew she only had a small amount of time here with us on earth, so she wanted to live life with the attitude "don't ask permission, it's much easier to ask for forgiveness later!" 

We miss her so bad you don't even know. There is a hole in our hearts as big as the sky, and the only way we know how to survive without her, is to keep her spirit close with us. That's why we opened AnnaBee's.  She woulda loved having a place to hang out in Pacifica, in addition to the awesome beaches!

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