SHOP: Oh, What to Wear...
EAT: Organic Bakery + Cakery
EAT: Dog Cafe (Closed)
PLAY: Dog Daycare & Hotel
Mew, what about me?
But that was my bone!
ABOUT US:  Meet AnnaBee!

AnnaBee's has a kitty corner with equally as cool stuff, so your mew mew won't throw a hissy fit when they figure out the inequity.  They always get left out, don't they?  No car rides, no walks on the beach, no swimming... oh no!  Well, not anymore.  Our doggie cafe offers several to-go menu items for your feline.  We suppose you can order them for your dog as well, because we all know how much dogs love eating cat...

..... FOOD! 

You thought we were gonna say poo, didn't you.

And hey, let us know if you've got a super brave kitty that doesn't mind an outing.  We're open to that, and would love to set your cat up in a rad collar, feed him lobster, and watch him roll around in our organic catnip, but we need some prior notice.  A private appointment would probably be best and we'll have to enforce a very strict policy about leashing your cat when outside.  We don't want it on our conscious if your cat smells fish and jumps ship (fence).  There's some big bad waves out there, man!