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Mew, what about me?
But that was my bone!
ABOUT US:  Meet AnnaBee!

I know, I know, it's sometimes hard to explain to our four-legged friends why they can't keep all their bones.  But some dogs don't have any at all, and we think every dog deserves the joy in burying their own bone or two and digging it up later.  That's why AnnaBee's will be a proud supporter of the following amazing non-profit organizations in the Bay Area:

Grateful Dogs Rescue, who sponsored AnnaBee's adoption. We heart you!! 

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA


Oakland Animal Services 

BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls). 

We love that Muttville & BADRAP give shelter dogs most down on their luck a second chance. Muttville rescues senior dogs out of shelters all around Northern California and provides them much needed vet care and finds them adoptive homes to live out their happy ending.  BAD RAP has the best pit bulls on Planet Earth!!  Well worth the drive out to Oakland to meet one of their many silly snuggle buddies up for adoption.  They work hard to educate owners on how to be the most responsible doggie parents they can be.  And it shows, if you drive by the Berkeley Aquatic Park on Sunday mornings, you'll see sometimes as many as 50 pit bulls well on their way to becoming some of this country's best canine good citizens (a canine good citizen means yer dog isn't bitchy in public or at home! ;) 

Last but not least, we support The Sula Foundation, a pit bull rescue organization in New Orleans, Louisiana.  We have to help out AnnaBee's homies, you know?